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Imagine what it would be like if black settlers arrived to settle a continent inhabited by white natives? In 1788, the first white settlers arrived in Botany Bay to begin the process of white colonisation of Australia. But in Babakiueria, the roles are reversed in a delightful and light-hearted look at colonisation of a different kind.

This satirical examination of black-white relations in Australia first screened on ABC TV in 1986 to widespread acclaim with both critics and audiences alike. Now finally on DVD, this is the story of the fictitious land of Babakiueria, where white people are the minority and must obey black laws.

This ‘reverse angle’ probe into racial inequality in Australia has developed a considerable cult following. It approaches its subject with humour but is no less effective for that, perhaps more so. Many valid points are posed for the viewer concerning racial/ethnic assumptions and relations as well as the incongruities of contemporary Australian society. The white Australia lifestyle is seen through (patronizing) Aboriginal eyes within a pseudo-documentary format, written by Geoffrey Atherden of Mother and Son and The Aunty Jack Show fame.

Aboriginal actors Michelle Torres and Bob Maza (Heartland) and supported by a number of familiar faces from the time, including Cecily Polson (E-Street) and Tony Barry, who starred in major ABC-TV hits such as I Can Jump Puddles and his Penguin award-winning Scales of Justice.

Babakiueria was awarded the United Nations Media Peace Prize in 1987.

Geoffrey John Atherden, AM, is an Australian television writer, best known for the sitcom Mother and Son. He also wrote the sitcom Grass Roots and contributed to The Aunty Jack Show.

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