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Avantgarde Belge: Surrealism and Experiment in Belgian Cinema

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Avantgarde Belge: Surrealism and Experiment in Belgian Cinema


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At the end of the 1920s, two future film-makers discover their medium. Charles Dekeukeleire and Henri Storck will become famous documentary film-makers, but their debuts consist of experiments and the search of a 'pure cinema'. With the occasional surrealists Henri d'Ursel and Ernst Moerman, they make up the first avant-garde generation in Belgian cinema.

Seven composers wrote the music for these unique films: Joachim Brackx, Eric Sleichim, Jan Van Outryve, Annelies Van Parys (in residence at Transparant) and Mireille Capelle, Geert Callaert and Thomas Smetryns (in residence at HERMESensemble). The works for ensemble are performed by the HERMES ensemble conducted by Koen Kessels.

The DVDs are housed inside of a 104-page, trilingual book with notes on the films, filmmakers, and composers along with contextualizing essays by Erik Martens and Xavier Canonne. In the essay that accompanies the two DVDs, Xavier Canonne reconstructs the thrilling years of 1927-1937.
French with English & Dutch subtitles.

Scenes of Ostend (Henri Storck, 1929, 10'55),
Composition by Joachim Brackx For Your Beautiful Eyes (Henri Storck, 1929, 6'31),
Composition by Joachim Brackx Story of the Unknown Soldier (Henri Storck, 1932, 10'38), Composition by A. Van Parys Pictures on the Sideline (Henri Storck, 1932, 10'47),
Composition by Jan Van Outryve Boxing Match (Charles Dekeukeleire, 1927, 7'30),
Composition by Eric Sleichim Visions of Lourdes (Charles Dekeukeleire, 1932, 17'54), Composition by Annelies Van Parys

Impatience (Charles Dekeukeleire, 1928, 36'20),
Composition by Thomas Smetryns Detective Story (Charles Dekeukeleire, 1929, 50'52), Composition by Geert Callaert The Pearl (Henri d'Ursel, 1929, 33'23),
Composition by Mireille Capelle Fantômas (Ernst Moerman, 1937, 17'16),
Composition by Geert Callaert

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