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Art of Spain

BBC Art Series

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Art of Spain

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3 DVDs

We know that Italy and Northern Europe are renowned for their art, but what about Spain? In this absorbing and original series, Art in Spain, Spanish art gains centre stage as art historian Andrew Graham-Dixon goes on the road to reveal the fabulous art treasures of the country.

Travelling from the south to the north he explores some of Europe's most important artists from Renaissance to Modernist - including Goya, Picasso, Dali, El Greco and Velasquez. And, going "off the beaten track", he reveals rich insights into the culture and people who live and work with the greatest Spanish art and architecture every day.

Art of Spain reveals that from Moorish art and the Islamic legacy on Spain and Europe to Modernism, Seville to Barcelona, food and wine, Spanish culture is every bit as rich as Italy's, with a more surprising edge.

Titles in the series (available individually):
1. The Moorish South - 50 mins.
2. The Dark Heart - 50 mins.
3. The Mystical North - 50 mins.

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