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Antonin Artaud

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Antonin Artaud


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The true story of Artaud le Mômo.
In May 1946, a small group of faithful has succeeded in making leave the asylum of Rodez Antonin Artaud, where following an accident he has been forced to stay for more than nine years unexplained. Nearly half a century later, his family, his lover and his closest friends remember Antonin Artaud, the genius who upset their life...
A documentary by Gérard Mordillat and Jérôme Prieur 1994. 170 mins.

My life and times with Antonin Artaud.
According to the work of Jacques Prevel.
May 1946, in Paris young poet Jacques Prevel meets Antonin Artaud, the actor, artist, and writer just released from a mental asylum. Over ten months, we follow the mad Artaud from his cruel coaching of an actress in his "theatre of cruelty" to his semi-friendship with Prevel who buys him drugs and hangs on his every word. Meanwhile, Prevel divides his time between Jany, his blond, young, drug-hazed mistress, and Rolande, his dark-haired, long-suffering wife, who has a child during this time. Cruelty, neglect, poverty, egoism, madness, and the pursuit of art mix on the Left Bank.

BONUS DVD : Jacques Prevel, de colère et de haine – 1993, 20 mins.
A documentary by Gérard Mordillat and Jérôme Prieur. Colour & B/W, 280 mins.

Price includes educational license.

A movie by Gérard Mordillat

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