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African Drums: Dundun, The Talking Drum

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African Drums: Dundun, The Talking Drum


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Dundun, also called the Talking Drum, is considered by many to be the most eloquent of all the African drums, and is believed to have originated within the divinity.  In the southern Sahara in Africa the Dundun is traditionally regarded as the instrument of the Kings.  This hour glass shaped drum is made in six types and exists in a family structure namely Iyaillu, Aguuda, Omele, Adamo, Kanago and Gudugudu, the latter been the eldest of all.  Each plays a specific traditional role in society.  The Dundun continues to play a vital role in African royal households, giving a formidable cultural link with various histories and ancestry.  Demonstrating the creativity and genius of the African arts, the Dundun adds flavour, colour, glamour and emotion to ceremonies, events and worship.


Dundun (The Talking Drum) takes the viewer to the city of Oyo in Nigeria where the drum is believed to have originated.  This comprehensive documentary shows the cultural and historical context surrounding the drum and an in-depth examination of its construction, from chopping down the correct tree to the finishing design touches.  The film also presents many performances and demonstrates who may use the drum, when and for what it is used, and what is communicated.

Director / Producer Ibisankale Kayode


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