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Affective Design: fuckCRASH

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Affective Design: fuckCRASH


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Affective Design - Theatre Productions
As a selection from the theatre works of Serge Tampalini these three DVDs offer both the students of theatre design and production, as well as of contemporary theatre practice, an opportunity to enjoy a visually stunning sojourn into the imagination of a designer whose works range from the evocatively beautiful to the more challengingly experimental and multi-media projects. Available individually and as a set of three.

Adaptation by Tanya Visosevic and Serge Tampalini.
Direction and design: Serge Tampalini.
Photography: Bronwyn Aitken.
Presented as part of the Advanced Production unit at Murdoch University, 1999.

Please note: this film has an archival quality; however, it is valuable content for research purposes.


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