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Advertising Missionaries

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Advertising Missionaries

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In Papua New Guinea where over three quarters of the population cannot be reached by regular advertising media, markets are being developed by other means. A theatre group travels the remote highlands performing soap operas devised around advertising messages for products like Coca Cola, Colgate and Mortein. The film follows one rollicking mission to bring the consumer revolution to the people of the highlands - a modern day allegory of the Pied Piper story. Elijah, Peter, Robert and Tina are trained actors and theirs is a tour with threats at every turn. While the theatre group approaches the remote valley of Yaluba for the first time, we discover the lives of Aluago, Tintiba and their children. What happens when their two worlds collide is unexpected, as tradition clashes with 'the missionaries of products and lifestyles'.  English & Tok Pisin dialogue, English subtitles

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