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Advanced Swedish Massage System

Over 250,000 views and five stars on YouTube!

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Advanced Swedish Massage System


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As a practitioner and lecturer Elena Genovese has developed her Swedish Massage System over the last 16 years. In this 120 minute film Elena teaches this advanced technique through step by step demonstration of the sequence of strokes for the back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, legs, feet and abdomen.

In each section she outlines the benefits of the massage strokes and how they work on the muscular and circulatory system. She also shows students of massage how to use their own bodies most effectively, so that they can avoid back-strain and unnecessary effort in shoulders, arms and hands. The film is an invaluable resource for students in physical education, health and beauty therapy and a "must have" item in dance and martial arts education.

Elena Genovese is a fully qualified Trigger Point therapist and lecturer. She has set up her practice in Perth, Western Australia where she lectures in the Diploma of Health and Massage at TAFE (a government accredited institute of tertiary education) and at the WA Institute of Holistic Medicine.

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