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Acting Techniques-Advanced: The Method II

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Acting Techniques-Advanced: The Method II


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Lorrie Hull has created invaluable teaching tools for actors, directors and teachers, which are also easily understood by anyone in the general public with an interest in 'how actors do what they do.' To read Ms. Hull's best selling book: Strasberg's Method As Taught by Lorrie Hull: A Practical Guide for Actors, Teachers and Directors is to understand the Method. To view Hull's DVDs is to experience it. No theatre or film library is complete without the inclusion of these DVDs. --Theatre Group Review

Lorrie Hull, Ph.D. and actress, Dianne Hull, currently coach, as well as teach classes and shortterm workshops in Santa Monica, CA and Santa Barbara, CA. Dianne was a protege of Elia Kazan acting for him on stage and in film. Mr. Kazan shared many directing and acting techniques with the Hulls, which were repeated and demonstrated in The Method With Lorrie Hull, Ph.D.- DVD and in the 2009 DVD: Acting Techniques-Advanced : The Method II. Stanislavski, Strasberg and Kazan Methods are also described in the book: Strasberg's Method As Taught by Lorrie Hull: A Practical Guide for Actors, Teachers and Directors by S. Loraine Hull. Lorrie formerly taught actors and directors for The American Film Institute's Public Service Programs and for Lee Strasberg. She was a senior faculty member for Strasberg and the only person asked by Strasberg to teach the course: Understanding the Method.
She also is an acting coach for motion picture and television productions having worked for Lorimar, Warner Brothers, MGM Studios, and Independent productions. Lorrie has conducted workshops throughout the United States, including at Yale, U. of Wisconsin, UCLA, NYU and Northwestern, as well as for film festivals and theatre groups and conferences. She has also conducted workshops abroad in France, Sweden, and for Princess Grace in Monaco. Lorrie and Dianne Hull were invited as world experts to teach at the International Stanislavski Conference at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Lorrie has 2 children: Dianne Hull of Santa Monica, CA and Donald Hull of Harahan, LA. Her 3 grandchildren are Emily Hull Bellaci at the U. of Houston, Evan Hull at LSU and Brndan Gillespie, a composer at Cal Arts. Residing in Santa Barbara, CA, Lorrie is married to actor and director, William Smithers. Scene Director for the DVD: Acting Techniqes-Advanced: The Method II , William Smithers , has received the Theatre World and Obie Awards for performances on and Off-Broadway. He has appeared or guest starred in nearly 400 Television dramas, including 6 seasons in the TV series, Dallas, as well as guest starred in the Star Trek episode 43 of Bread and Circuses. His feature films include Attack and Papillon. He created, produced, acted in and directed the Santa Barbara Theatre of the Air, which has 24 play readings offered free on the internet.

This is exactly the kind of work I have used and taught over the years. I am glad you are putting out these tapes (DVDs) to clarify and help people understand The Method. Martin Landau, actor

This terrific 2 hour DVD is an extension of Hull's first DVD: The Method., and should be of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about acting and directing. Explanations of acting and directing by Mark Rydell, Martin Landau, Susan Strasberg and John Savage among others are riveting. Misused Method techniques , such as affective memory, are corrected and clarified by Lorrie Hull working with students in this DVD, and by Dianne Hull, as well, when teaching. Directing techniques are learned from William Smithers directing the award winning actor, Charles S. Dutton. This DVD should make all beginning through professional actors, directors, and writers want to study or be private coached by Dianne and Lorrie Hull. I have been in Dianne and Lorrie's inspirational classes, and they are the best, most easily understood to help the actor get the job, and help the director work well with actors. I have seen directors bring scenes in to enhance their plays and films with the 3rd eye of the Hulls, and they return time after time for classes and private coaching for the astute guidance at Hull Actors Studio. I highly reommend this DVD & Hull's teaching. --Santa Monica Actor (Santa Monica, CA)

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