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Absolute Wilson

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Absolute Wilson


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Absolute Wilson chronicles the epic life, times and creative genius of Robert Wilson, intimately revealing for the first time one of the most controversial, rule-breaking and downright mysterious artists of our era.  More than a biography the film becomes an exhilirating exploration of the transformative power of creativity itself.

Chances are you have never heard of Robert Wilson, unless, of course, you followed the Avant-Garde scene of the 60s, 70s and 80s in New York and Europe. Then you'd know that Wilson is probably THE most influential figure of the Experimental Theatre Movement, a creative genius and progressive thinker that brought stage performances into the new era of performance art.

As a highly prolific collaborator with some of America's most notorious underground icons like Philip Glass, Tom Waits, David Byrne or William S. Burroughs (all of whom appear in the documentary) Wilson managed to awe the theatre world abroad with spectacles that lasted sometimes as long as a full week. His innovative choreography and completely new approach of visual story telling drew a huge following from places as unlikely as
Iran and as far away as Australia.

This documentary is a well orchestrated package witha refined appeal, allowing the viewer to completely focus on the subject as a man rather than an icon.  Everything from camera, soundtrack to editing is flawless, highlighting the stark visions Wilson brought to the stage and his way of life.

"Language is the barrier of the imagination" - Robert Mims Wilson

Art Film of the Year - Art Basel 2006
Official Selection - Berlin International Film Festival 2006
Official Selection - Vancouver International Film Festival 2006
Official Selection - Jerusalem International Film Festival 2006

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