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A Walk Into the Sea - An Illuminating Portrait of Danny Williams

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A Walk Into the Sea - An Illuminating Portrait of Danny Williams


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Director Esther Robinson's personal inquiry into the truth behind her Uncle Danny Williams' mysterious 1966 disappearance. Virtually unknown today, Williams was Andy Warhol's lover and a promising young filmmaker. The discovery of 20 never-before-seen films Williams made during his time at the Factory-- and whose many subjects include Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, Paul Morrissey, Brigid Berlin, Billy Name and what may be the earliest known footage of the Velvet Underground-- reveals a luminous talent and a stark gap in the historical record.  Combined with Robinson's intimate interviews of surviving Factory members, the film gets beyond the icons and quietly dismantles the Warhol myth-making machine, allowing a deeper examination of the human fragility on which Andy Warhol's empire was built.


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Factory Film Excerpts

"Fascinating!" The New York Times
"Captivating, astute and artful" Premiere

Winner of the Best New York Documentary Award at the Tribeca Film Festival and the Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival

Never-before-seen films feature Andy Warhol himself, Edie Sedgwick, Paul Morrissey and what is believed to be the first footage of the Velvet Underground.

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