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A Funny Thing Happened Leaving No Child Behind

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A Funny Thing Happened Leaving No Child Behind


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Turn the typical Staff Development day on its head! Let Wavelength characters pre-empt the audience's objections to being there and take them on a humorous odyssey through a fictional county-wide inservice day.

"A Funny Thing" focuses on four, diverse educators at a countywide professional development day and follows this interdisciplinary team as they attend a series of cutting-edge and sidesplitting workshops.

The package includes One tape — 53 minutes and a 12 page Study Guide.
Highlights include:

A Greco-Roman PTA Meeting
Discover the long (and humorous) history of current educational controversies including "Leave No Plebian Behind."

Dr. Phil
A segment determined to provide "a wake up call" regarding NCLB and educational standards.

Zena: Teacher/Warrior Princess
Take a mythical heroine's journey, and watch as a veteran teacher rekindles her early career passion.

A Surprise Keynote Address From A Current Political Figure
A powerful close to a powerful show.

"A Funny Thing" reinforces the tenets that humor, reflective practice, and teamwork serve to nurture new teachers and revitalize veteran educators.
2004 51:52 mins

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