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'A Clockwork Orange' Examined

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'A Clockwork Orange' Examined


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Stanley Kubrick's award-winning film "A Clockwork Orange" is explored through a discussion of its creation and meaning with the author of the book Anthony Burgess; its star Malcolm McDowell and America's leading film historian, William Everson. Photographs illustrate comments on the film's unusual computerized music score. Includes excerpts from the film.

Kubrick's daring new film played for a year in New York City and won the "New York Film Critics" award in 1971 before it was released to the rest of the country. It is a film that pushed out the limits for a major studio release: a future-oriented story mixing brutality and humor that left many members of the audience angry, a partially made-up language of Russian and English, and a classical music score performed on the synthesizer by Walter (later Wendy) Carlos.
Today the film stands as a classic. When this program was made in 1972 there still were communities here and abroad that declined to screen it.


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