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Artscape - Memory Play

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Artscape - Memory Play


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Helen Morse takes the lead in Sundowner a play about a mother coping with Alzheimer's disease. Morse's own mother suffered from Alzheimer's and rehearsing this play proves both traumatic and cathartic as it examines the importance of family and memory in how we live and how we define ourselves.

Artscape follows the creation of Sundowner and Morse's personal journey of discovery through rehearsals right up to opening night. The documentary reveals the trials and tribulations of putting on a production about a difficult subject and how the cast and crew struggle to make the show informative and entertaining.

The play is guided by young director Kate Denborough. Her brother David, a social worker, has written the play. Throughout the process they liaise closely with 'Alzheimer's Australia' to maintain integrity in the script and the performance. The play takes its name from the so-called Sundowner Syndrome - a heightened anxiety experienced by Alzheimer sufferers at dusk.

Writer and ​producer: Klaus Toft

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