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A Barefoot Revolution

Burkina Faso’s October Revolution and its Transition

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A Barefoot Revolution


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In October 2014 Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou is the theatre of massive demonstrations against the country’s President, Blaise Compaoré, and his attempt to change the Constitution in order to keep the power for 15 more years. As a result of his intransigence, the protest turns into a full revolution, lasting 6 days and nights and ending with Compaoré’s departure, after a dictatorship of 27 years. A transitional government takes over and prepares the elections planned for October 2015.

The director of the film, Christian Carmosino, happens to be in Ouaga when the protest starts. He becomes a proactive eye-witness, since he immediately turns his camera on the demonstrations and is able to film everything during these 6 days and nights. We will therefore witness the revolution, as if in the first row, as the youth of the country fights for the end of the dictatorship, barefoot and empty-handed. The chronicle is enriched by interviews of the main actors of the revolution, who can give us the keys to understand the significant moments and the process of the revolution. To the point that we understand what exactly happened and why.

But the film will also follow the transitional period up until the elections, in order to witness what happens during the aftermath of the revolution. It will also include comments of historians and scientists offering an additional perspective to grasp the roots of the events. 

A film by Christian Carmosino ;
Produced by Vito Zagarrio & Michel Noll ;
Written by Michel Noll

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