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Farewell Paul Cox, beautiful, gentle friend, inspiration to so many people in this world. Film maker, photographer, storyteller, artist and forever young soul, Artfilms is honored to be your publisher and friend. Have a peaceful departure, your films will keep you with us for long time to come.

19 June 2016 - The director lauded as the father of independent cinema in Australia, Paul Cox, has died aged 76.

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The films of Paul Cox are available from Artfilms individually and in a collection together with Peter Tammer's last interview with Paul Cox: The Nude in the Window

Paul Cox Tribute video by Aden Young, a longtime collaborator with the late auteur.

Artfilms Film / Cinema Collection has a remarkable selection of independent films from around the world, award winning festival short films, lessons and seminars from Australian Film and Television School, Dance on film and the largest collection of experimental films of historical significance.

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