Copyright and Licensing

General Information

Public Performance Pricing
For Colleges, Schools, Academic and Public Libraries, Religious and Civic Institutions

A public performance is a non theatrical performance of a program, without charge, outside the home to a gathering of people other than family members and/or acquaintances. These gatherings are normally found in locations such as schools, academic libraries, religious and civic institutions. Public performance rights also include closed-circuit transmission within a single building or on a single, geographically unified campus. Producers that invest in educational films are generally very specific about licensing for institutional use.

Home Video Pricing
Excludes Colleges, Schools, Academic Libraries, and Religious and Civic Institutions

Programs sold at home video prices are intended for private, home use only. Such programs do not include public performance, broadcast, or other transmission rights and are not approved for most educational or institutional applications.


What type of license do you need?


Contemporary Arts Media is an educational supplier. Our aim is - when possible - to secure educational licenses for the films we offer. Educational licenses allow teachers to show the films to generations of pupils in the classrooms and/or to encourage students to borrow it from the school/university library.For most of the films listed in we are pleased to offer discounts for schools and individual artists and art lovers. 

The following table provide a guideline for the three different categories of buyers.


Universities / State Libraries / TAFE Primary / Secondary education
Private Individuals
Universities, Libraries, Tertiary Colleges and public institutions require educational copyright license agreement. This allows the licensed material to be screened to large audiences in classrooms or to be borrowed repeatedly by students from a library.

If an item has a list price on the right corner labelled “For Universities/Libraries/TAFE” it means that the price includes educational license. Most films in our catalogues have educational license attached.
Primary and Secondary schools and Secondary Colleges do require educational license to screen films to classrooms of children. In light of the shortage of funds often facing secondary schools, we at CAM are pleased to offer a 15 - 20% discount on most prices to primary or secondary schools, secondary colleges.
In order to see and process the applicable discount you have to register and login to our website.
The availability of school discount is indicated below the educational price.
Arts educators, artists and other persons do not require educational copyright licenses to view the films, as long as they maintain the media for private use only.
For arts practitioners and arts educators who would like to collect these resources for their own private bookshelf, Contemporary Arts Media negotiated discounted prices for a great number of films.



What about where only one price is listed or educational rights are not indicated?


Some films have no special rights attached, or we don’t know about it, or the distributor of the film did not specify restrictions. Educational institutions might buy these films for teachers / lecturers for research. 

Please note that a number of our films which we obtained the educational rights for are available through on-line shops on the web as well. Be aware that most of these shops ( for instance) sell these films for private viewing only.

Availability of films in your country depend on our contracts with distributors and producers. If your country is excluded from the list you might be able to buy those films from a different supplier in your country.

Also note that books have no license restrictions and can be purchased for either private or educational purposes.