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Contemporary Arts Media


was founded in 2000 by theatre practitioner and lecturer in experimental theatre, Kriszta Doczy. In 2004 CAM extended its range of films across all art forms: from performing to performance, from music to electronic media, from physical to spiritual, from visual arts to photography, fashion and later included philosophy and religion, gastronomy, history and politics and psychology.  Today CAM offers more than 5000 films for arts education and arts practitioners. The unique collection originates from Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Denmark, France, Hungary, Canada, Switzerland, Pakistan, Indonesia, Africa and Japan.  Artfilms has 1.5 million hits on YouTube.

The company's aspiration is to promote art and culture in education and CAM also produces films, CD-ROMs and interactive-e-books and fosters new productions by providing encouragement, guidance and support to artists and film makers.  

CAM is proudly associated with independent artists and film producers, leading contemporary theatre and dance companies, researchers, lecturers, university departments, contemporary art galleries and archives across the world..


Where we are


CAM is an Australian company with an international flavour. We work, communicate and develop partnerships and friendships across continents.
Our Head office is in Melbourne, Australia


Who we supply to


We supply to schools, universities, educational and professional training institutions, to academic and public libraries, arts practitioners, students and the general public. Last year we had over two million hits on YouTube!Contemporary Arts Media fulfills orders from Australia and New Zealand.


Our Partners


Artfilms Ltd - United Kingdom - Co-producer and European Liaison for Contemporary Arts Media

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