Shifting and Sliding: The Feminine Psyche in Performance
Shifting and Sliding: The Feminine Psyche in Performance
Jenny Kemp

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Length 54 mins, Code: JK-Slid
ISBN: 978-1-921882-09-8

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Interviews by Dr Rachel Fensham : with writer/director Jenny Kemp, performer Margaret Mills and composer, co-director Elizabeth Drake. Shifting and Sliding spans a series of works, about the feminine psyche in performance, from the early 80's into the 21st century. These works written and directed by Jenny Kemp are constructed in collaboration with a team of highly skilled, interdisciplinary artists, drawing upon the disciplines of dance/movement, music/sound, film, visual art, design and theatre.

The works examine and challenge the social, temporal and gender constructs within which women in particular live. They offer a positive vision of the feminine psyche as creative, productive and resourceful. This collection of innovative and highly visual works attempts to create a formal solution to the disjunctive relationship, that we all negotiate daily, between our inner and outer worlds.

Shifting and Sliding
has live footage of these extraordinary works interwoven throughout the interviews to offer the viewer an interesting and thought provoking experience. See more from Jenny Kemp

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